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Mancat Monday

CATEGORY: | Monday, August 31, 2009
Mancats only!

Easy like Sunday morning

CATEGORY: | Sunday, August 30, 2009
OMC! There is actually a wind chill of 48F/8.8C this morning at 7:45 am!!! Sorry, Mom, there will be no bed making today.

Photo Hunt

CATEGORY: | Saturday, August 29, 2009

One morning Mom was scooping the litter boxes and she found the surprise we left for her. She was so surprised she had to take a picture. We luvs you so much Mom!

Minchie's trip to the vet

CATEGORY: | Friday, August 28, 2009
Mom took me to the vet yesterday for my annual checkup and shots. I am not a happy camper in this picture!

Was hoping someone would open that door so I could make my escape. I was ready.

This is nice Dr. Craig. It wasn't so bad being he's a dude too. We're glad we made the appointment with him as he's leaving the practise and moving to a tiny little town in Iowa to take another job. We are very happy for him and his fambly but sad we won't see him again. We have known him for a longs time.

Boy, he checked me out real good listening to things I probably don't even know I have inside of me. Got my shot, weighed in at 11.12 pounds, a pedicure and got a clean bill of health. Mom wishes she could clip nails as good as him.

Mom is glad this is over as her ears are still ringing from all my meowing the whole time we were gone and I was a little hoarse when we got home. My ladycat, Baby Patches' Mom knows what I'm talking about in this area! Us Turks are very vocal!

Rainy days

CATEGORY: | Thursday, August 27, 2009
It has been raining pretty much nonstop here for the past 24+ hours and to continue for a day or two more. The look on Minchie's face pretty much sums up what we'll be doing.

Worth Mentioning Wednesday

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Kido Deep into the forest...I saw this at Tottini
a cool toy that older kids can also have fun with while playing with their younger sibling(s)

Peek 'n Play....what a cool idea! Go check it out at Leaps and Bounds

TubTrug...I LOVE these. This image is from Amazon

Marimekko matching game from Plastica

Short and sweet today.
It's sunny
We will be going on some errands
then a dog walk
must do Laundry
maybe wash windows
keep up with
Happy Wednesday to all :)

Stairway to...

...Mom's bed.

A friend of Angel's Mom gave her this staircase to help Angel get up on the bed. We are keeping it until Angel goes back home so he can get use to it.

One morning Mom heard all this commotion and rolled over and who should be climbing up the steps but Angel! She was shocked!

Angel looks very proud of himself!

Take a Look TUESDAY....new feature :)

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, August 25, 2009
I took this photo at the Zoo yesterday. It was a chance happening. They were feeding the Giraffes and I have always wanted a photo exactly like this one....I have pictured it many times and it is so weird that it happened because the sun was shining right in my face and I had to try and dodge slightly around the trees to block out it's glare.....
What a great photo for my new feature...Take a LOOK Tuesday. I am going to try and bring cool items to your attention. Some will be new to you some may not but I am going to pass along things I LOVE and think would make anyone's life a little better.....

Uten-silo.....have wanted one for SOSOSOSOSOSO long...in white...by Ingo Maurer...I think it is amazing and it can be found many places that sell modern furniture or toys.

Claw monster from www.Liapela.com

I just love this so much...and it would really be used in our home...designpublic.com

What a great value Candu all in one ...hmmmmm....stardust.com

I am doing just super duper and hope all of you are too. Went to the Zoo yesterday and today we are meeting up at the park with Alison and Esmond. Fun fun....gotta run. :)

Toesies Tuesday

Minchie showing off his powerful and sharp toesies. He has put the stabbie on another unsuspecting little mousie once again.

Shop of the Week.....Idea2lifestyle

CATEGORY: | Monday, August 24, 2009

all the above photos came from Idea2Lifestyle's Etsy shop....

I stumbled on this shop, Idea2lifestyle, a bit ago and I just love so many pieces in their collection...I really want one in particular. Here is the profile from their Etsy site......

They are unique, they are only for those who love art, passionate about life, dare to be different and special. So be brave to try our pieces and to be yourself:)

Currently our team members are:
Ben, Gloria, shoufu, Yangyang, Summer, Duan sifu(paterning for new designs), Chan, Lee, gerald, gerald's dad(regular fabric ordering) and mum(ironING and packing).
We take part in every part of the every piece, so the piece is designed and made by our team instead of individual.

We don't attach brand tags on clothes, cos you will cut them when you wear, and we hope it is the very design attract you instead of brand.
Currently gerald runs the shop and liason with buyers.

We sincerely hope you will like our unique pieces and we will do our best to provide quality pieces and good service.

Go and check it out...you won't be sorry......

In other news...we went to my Ma's this weekend and visited with fam and I had the pleasure of meeting with the beautiful Ambika. She was so very helpful in advising me about buying our first home....she also recommended a coffee shop by the REI and I got to do a wee bit of shopping after our meeting. I went to Velocity...I love that store and got to see some of Lisa and Ashley's prints. Super gorgeous!!! I was very tempted to buy this super cute modern kid's chair but did not. Then I went to Tottini...where I looked at EVERyTHING and bought miss Memphis these...Giant Play and learn and Charlie Harper's coloring book. It got me thinking a lot of artists should come up with their own color books....I would totally buy them. Thanks Ambika for meeting up with me and I hope we do it again many times :). Happy Monday all

Mancat Monday

Like I said before, Mom is obsessed with the top of my head.

Yesterday Laila was going to take Angel out for a ride on her magic carpet but they had to come back after only a few minutes as Angel got air sick and puked up his breakfast. The magic carpet was in the shop for most of the day drying out.

Easy like Sunday morning

CATEGORY: | Sunday, August 23, 2009
Laila asleep on her magic carpet dreaming of the far off places she wants to fly to to visit her CB buddies.

Family fun and then some

CATEGORY: | Saturday, August 22, 2009

FOXEN the walrus Love=Creature....finally finished and on his way to fabulous Sarah

So....we went to my Ma's for the day and visited my family...it was nice to see everyone and to relax and see the kids all play. Ironically this time I did not take any photos...I must be tired.

I also learned what a short sale is...so I finally understand them. There are sooooo many out there and one of the houses we like is one. There is so much to learn about real estate and buying a home. It is so confusing and scary. So I am trying to learn as much as I can so I feel better about any decision I might have to make. This could go on for a year or more so I am in for the long haul.

I discovered the work of Neon Matisse and I love all the bright colors so very much!!! Hurry now and go take a peak! Helene is so very talented and she has a great sense of humor...

These earring by Lilarubyking are just soooo great...I'm in love

So....that's all from me today...hope everyone is out living life to the fullest and having fun...

Saturday Caturday

Minchie keeping his hockey skills sharp with his green glitter ball. We are hoping the Chicago Blackhawks start up a cat league.

Worth Mentioning.....a new feature on my blog

CATEGORY: | Friday, August 21, 2009

My DREAM couch has been located....it comes it white or brown and we would go for white....I love it. It is also a sleeper couch...I found it on 2Modern's website....I'm deep in love!

Stumbled on this little beauty at Allybu

Gorgeous installations from Kaarina Kaikkonen...Kristina mentioned her over at Karkovski...

I am in LOVE with the work of Mette

Kitchen photo of house we are considering...needs some TLC...photo makes it look alot better.
Also has world's smallest fridge and I am not a fan of black appliances but our price range means we have to have a lot of VISION....fingers crossed...

So the house search continues....we have a house we are considering...and like I said it needs A LOT of love but we can do it. Not my perfect dream house but could be pretty close. We went and looked again last night and I felt like I was going to have a heart attack...looking at all the work that would lie ahead makes my head spin, but alas that is our lot in life as we did not go forth and conquer the world and make our millions and we were definitely not born into money and as I have said before we have nobody to help us out so much VISION is required when looking for our first home. I go thru periods of much excitement and fear. I am beyond excited to FINALLY decorate, fix, transform a space of our very own. I can not believe that in our very near future this may actually happen but I am starting to and that is an amazing feeling. Like most things in our lives so far if it is worth while we have put much work into getting it. I am feeling very positive and inspired so fingers crossed we will have a chance.

Been thinking a bunch about my bloggy blog and I have come up with some new ideas.
Worth Mentioning Wednesday(and will be on Wednesdays) will hopefully be a regular thing. I will take time to find some cool things or at least share some thoughts. I still have to do a bunch of updates on my blog roll and I would love a header on my blog but don't know how....so I have been waiting for my husband to help.

BTW....Plush You is just around the corner and this year I plan on helping as much as I can...

This weekend is busy as usual....family plans with Ma, brother and his family...and I get to meet up with the fabulous Ambika!! I am asking her for first time home buyer tips as she and her man have a beautiful new home of their own... Happy Thursday everyone :)

Take time to smell the flowers

Angel's first trip out on the balcony.

Smell, Angel, smell! Don't eat them!!!
Needless to say, he doesn't get to go out there anymore.

It turns out....there is light at the end of the tunnel after all.........

CATEGORY: | Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hey....did you see my sister...she was riding her bike all by herself...
that's awesome!!


I really like sprinklers

So it would seem that life has delivered us some unexpected surprises....Memphis is going to be 8 at the beginning of next month so we bought her birthday present early. You see...she out grew her first bike and still could not ride it. She basically was terrified and no matter what we did or said...it did not work. So we just decided to wait until she was ready. She went with her Dad and our friend Robby, her god father, and she picked out a sweet bike. That, by the way, was on super mark down and can be passed on to her brother later on. So...with new bike in hand or maybe under foot...we headed off to the lower part of the park near us and started in with some lessons. Now these all took place while Jason was at work so I had Soren in the stroller and Gucci hooked up to the stroller on his leash and I did a lot of running back and forth and mostly I did a lot of cheer leading, good thing I was one for 2 years....I had to keep telling her to say can not can't...will not won't and to believe she could do it. After many tears and her asking me things like "Why are you doing this to me?" "You are going too fast!" "I won't do this...I won't" "I am a terrible bike rider!" and so on... we finally started making progress. The next day was more of the same and on the third day, even though she was very mad at me for it and still crying, I taught her to start the bike herself. She fought it with every ounce of her being until she realized she COULD do it and she would NOT get hurt. Then I suggested we move onto the sidewalk. I really pushed the issue and even though she ran into the bushes and there was a whole lot more crying by the next day she was riding on the sidewalk. Today we didn't even go on the dirt path at all and she is doing great. We have a ways to go but I am so very very very proud of her and also of myself. I have way more patience than I ever knew and I really did stay positive.
Tonight we are looking at the house we love again and with any luck....who knows....send good energy and thoughts our way. Happy Thursday all.....still have to post a few things but life is really turning around and so very fast.