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Getting to know me...getting to know all about me....

CATEGORY: | Monday, April 30, 2007
A few of my Ellies!!
The piece I wish I could buy from Lisa Congdon's Anatomie Show
Dolls that I ADORE by Alicia Paulson of Posie gets Cozy
Me and my new favorite jacket

Hola and Happy MONDAY!!! Today I would like to share with you a few more tidbits about me.
1. My favorite color is green with yellow as a very close second
2. I am NOT a morning person...I am in fact a TRUE nightowl. I love and hate this about myself.
3. I am a collector
4. I love, LOVE, LOVE Photography
5. I have loads of issues but one of the weirdest ones of all is it is really hard for me to have people over to our home. My long time friends and family know this about me and I have gotten a lot better but it's really weird and I don't like it. I have host nervous issues and it is a very intimate thing for me for some reason. Most likely has something to do with my childhood incident. Who knows....I need therapy...I guess.
6. When I drive by a yardsale/estate sale/garage sale...I say ding, ding, ding!! My family thinks I'm nuts. I just LOVE yardsales. I made a deal with myself though. Only fabric, AMAZING ceramics, super great kid's toys that are small or vintage dishes. That's it.
7. I cannot watch horror movies...nightmares
8.The dentist recently told me I brush my teeth toooo much. WHAT!!!! Nobody ever told me that was possible. So...since that visit approx 6 month ago....my next appointment is this month...I have mellowed out. It's just I am home with Memphis and well...my tooth brush is right there and after snacks and meals....
9. I LOVE modern homes and furniture and I strive to be Bomo....
10. I love rabbits (especially jack jabbits) deer, birds(Owls and robins) and Chihuahuas!!!
11. I am missing our beautiful Cat Churchie something awful...
Happy Monday everyone!!! xoxo

Gimme some Plush love....xo

CATEGORY: | Thursday, April 26, 2007
Words can not describe how much I LOVE my WAWAYAmermaid #5
Well hello there!! Today I wore a poncho...that's right.
It is 100% wool and was only $5.00 brand new from the fair last fall...

This doll is AMAZING!!! www.novembermoon.etsy.com

Almost done with whsl order for ShopOrangeButton.com....check
Walked Dog....check
Did dishes...4 or 5 times...(no dishwasher)...check
Did laundry...check
Did areobics...check
Switched out photos in frame above eating table (that's what we call it)...check
Picked up too many messes to count...check
Read stories...check
Worked on numbers with Memphis...check
Had dinner, lunch and breakfast...check
Child bathed dressed ready for day...check
Many other mundane yet necessary things done...check
Child put to bed...check
Time to sew....here I go....check

I sometimes feel like I am in an endless circle of life...it just keeps going and going and going...
I think I need a life slow down....
Flickr favs of the day...

This dress is WOW!!!
Gorgeous space...
I don't normally like hunters...
Love these lips...

Happy Fridaying.....xo

Time goes by fast........

CATEGORY: | Tuesday, April 24, 2007

This was 3 years ago!!! This was one of our favorite jumpsuits and I kept it of course.
We took our hand chair outside and took some photos. Of course the Gucc had to get in on it.
In the fall she will be starting Kindergarten and I can hardly believe it. I will have time to make myself my very own Plush Empire...just kidding...but I do have a bunch of new bodies in the works and can't wait to develope them. On the other hand...my life will be totally different and I am getting really sad...we are together alllll the time and I will miss that soooo much. Still working on whsl and trying to finish....getting ooooooh so close now. Sorry Wendy...I'm really working...life just keeps getting in my way. Allergies have made me a bit wacked this week and I must say I give up on Claritin...it turns me into a very angry person and I am actually afraid of myself. Can't do Sudafed either...bad for the bladder and just too hard on my system. So...I will be looking to Bee pollen...or other nasty chemicals...hopefully the Bee Pollen will work. Hope it doesn't cost a small fortune. Time to share some Flickr favs...this cracks me up...and this chi is sooo cute it hurts me and I wish I would have seen this show. I have to say...I doubt I am alone but I really miss Lisa's old blog 'A Bird in the Hand'...of course there is the new one here. On the upside I have discovered and become more dedicated to other blogs.


Karkovski ( my maiden name ended in ski)
Kitty Genius
Slow Progress
Happy Cavalier
Soto Softies

There are more but that's all I can do for now. xoxoxo


CATEGORY: | Sunday, April 22, 2007

We love mother earth and this is going to be a fabulous day!!!! I also want to give a heart felt thanks to those of you that responded to my last post. It means a lot to me that others out there have shared the same feelings and understand. It also means a lot that some of you don't have the same situation but still send words of wisdom, kind words and really that you care enough to comment. I truly appreciate it and I promise to work on my view of the world. I need to truly and deeply understand that my little family is very, very valuable to the the rest of the world and that we make a difference even if at times I feel our voices are not always heard. Anywho...HAPPY EARTH DAY!!!!xo We will be planting tomatoes, flowers and buying low VOC paint for my Monolith craft cabinet!! I think caring for our environment is one of the biggest things we can ever do in our entire lives. If everyone tried to live as green as possible it would be a much better planet and it really wouldn't be that difficult to do. Here's a few things to check out if you haven't yet.
Paws Help animals
The Nature Conservancy
Help the earth
Buy organic, drive less, don't litter, unplug and turn off, buy energy efficent lightbulbs, recycle, reuse and do your best to live a green life!!! xoxox

You are the only one like you....

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, April 18, 2007

So I was reading Meg's blog today and I went to the Mister Rogers link and it made me cry and think. Memphis is about to start Kindergarten in the Fall and one of my biggest fears...besides all the normal fears and there are many...is that she will realize that we are not wealthy. Up until now it hasn't really made a difference to her. If you don't already know...we don't own a home...we only have one car and it's not fancy...and we don't take big fancy vacations or have nannies or house keepers. Where we live we are surrounded by lots and lots of money. I love our little family and I think we are very unique and special. We are fun, loving, different and have taught our little Memphis that the earth is very special and we should take care of it and all the creatures on it. She is a vegetarian just like me and does not like violence. She has only watched a handful of movies and her current favorite is 'March of the Penguins'. She did not like 'Finding Nemo' or 'Happy Feet'...too much stress for her. Of course in 'March of the Penguins' there is a lot of stress but for some reason she really loved learning so much she wasn't stressed. She is really sensitive to other's feelings and even though she has never wanted what the 'in' thing is...the 'IT' toy of the moment...I am worried that going to school will make her feel a bit less than. I was lower middle class growing up...still am..and it was tough a lot of the time. My folks were together for 23 years and never married. (by folks I do mean my step-Dad..who is the only Dad I have had) So we were kind of weird. Plus our folks were hip and with it. I guess I just have to relax and when I am down I will just listen to Mister Rogers.

Some are fancy on the outside.
Some are fancy on the inside.
Everybody's fancy.
Everybody's fine.


It's you I like,
It's not the things you wear,
It's not the way you do your hair--
But it's you I like

It will all work out and I know money isn't everything...I do understand that really but it's easy to say when you have it. Not that we are starving or hurting in anyway....really. I just really, really want a house. It would make a huge difference in our lives and would provide us with a stronger foundation. I want my beautiful girl to remember her home but as I am writing this I realize that a home is where you make it. She actually loves talking to all the other tenants and has her own forest in the courtyard...it's the judgement of others that always stresses me and I guess that 's my deal. Anywho...thanks for the post Meg...I LOVED it. xo

Walruses and Rhinos just waiting to be adopted....xo

CATEGORY: | Monday, April 16, 2007

Happy Monday!!! Just wanted to let any of you that didn't know already....these guys are over at www.Supermaggie.com and they are just waiting for a good home. Among them is the infamous 'VISAYA'. He was a finalist in the Sofite awards!!!!! Anywho...I will also have a small shop update tonight and am still plugging away on my whsl orders. I am feeling a bit crazed....oh well...that's life. Gotta run for now. xoxo

Consumption...sumption what's your function??

CATEGORY: | Thursday, April 12, 2007
I LOVE to consume!!! It's like therapy for me. When I go to Target...I'm on a hunt. Hunt for things we need at a lower price, hunt for clothing for Memphis, hunt for a new shirt for me ( I don't like buying shirts...) and all the while I feel like I am getting things done and that's very satisfying. Of course we shop at other places too but there's nothing like Target. I really don't know how I lived without it. In other news...I am super frazed this week. Can't seem to find my mojo...(can't believe I just said that) I have managed to finish 2 special orders and get some work done on an overdue whsl order but that's not enough. We went to the Aquarium, had a visit from our dear friend Rose, went on errands and dog walks. So it has been busy but I'm just not able to focus this week. AAAAhhhh....not much else to say. Hope all is well in the world for everyone else. Hopefully back tomorrow or tonight with a shop update. xoxo

....and the bunnies keep on hopping by.....

CATEGORY: | Friday, April 6, 2007
What can I say??? It's almost Easter and my Jack Rabbits are ready. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!! Happy Egg Hunting for those of you with kids. I will be sewing, painting and hunting for eggs. Happy Weekending...if I have the strength I will be back otherwise see you Monday. I am FINALLY starting to feel better...so the key for me is taking things slowly. xo

Ahoy there.....

CATEGORY: | Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hey there, ho there!!! This week has been hard. We have that awful sinus cold. First M got it then me now hubby and I of course still have the sinus pain and pressure, most likely allergies. So it's been tough to get much done. We have had lots of outtings though and I thought I would share a few pics from them....and what would a post be without a few bunnies??!! More to come. Have a super duper Thursday. Oh...and what about the upset on Top Design!!! I really like Carisa's taste and style but she does do the same thing if you ask me and I don't really care for her. I hope Matt wins. I will leave you with a couple Flickr favs....
This touches my heart....
I wish I was there Meg...this photo is gorgeous!!!
I actually adore this outfit!!
I heart Wawaya
I need one of these...I love this one!

With all the red carpet frenzy and after parties Visaya the Walrus is exhausted!!!

CATEGORY: | Monday, April 2, 2007
Oh the agony of defeat!!! Visaya had a blast at all the red carpet affairs and oooohhh the after parties....That's the life!!! He had all the cavier, salmon and gourmet seafood he could get his tusks on. He was the life of the party that's for sure and oh the friends he made!! Manny and Visaya almost got thrown out of Wolfgang's party. They got a bit carried away with the oyster shooters. Factory girl is quite the dancer and really knows how to rip it up!! Potato the squirrel kept stealing things all night and hiding them including fried egg mirror , Octopus Handbag and Kitty bank! Tamo the Robot showed Visaya how to do the robot. Those snowman kept bumping into everyone. Louis Auguste thought he stole the show! Fuzzy Bear totem kept pretending he was a statue and was almost awarded to Bird #4! Hana's Bunny just kept searching for Hana. Penelton Panda goobled up all the honey roasted almonds and dozed off right in the middle of the awards. Bernard was pin free and ready to party! Typewriter took notes all night long. Gaient Bot kept hitting his head on the ceiling all night long!! Rob stood around looking adorable and Humphrey...Flower...Harriet...Grundig...and Brink kept trying to scare everyone until Harriet won and then she was the most charming monster you have ever seen!!
Manolipo and Medusa kept stealing everyones food and clapping very loudly! Crocheted Sakura was the big hit of the red carpet with her natural beauty!! Gertrude kept hiding under the tables. Payaso kept asking where the gift bags were. Whale really hit it off with Visaya and they are going fishing next week. Mr. Owl just watched the whole thing from his house and refused to leave it. Pancake, Burger and fries, Mr. and Mrs. Biscuit, Toasty Marshmallos and popcorn were tragically eaten up by mistake. Snail hat showed up wearing Leah Wig...that was funny. Racoon got bored and started bowling Safari style. Bird and Valentine Chicken HOOKED up! Raymond threw himself at Lenny trying desparately to knock out some of his competition. Paperbag Writer didn't show up...his joy is in the work! Limp and lump were watched closely by security all night and were forced to hand over their weapons. Halloween bears refused to sit by Squirrel because he brought all his pins with him. Pin cushions and Panda became fast friends. Head and Hat got into an ugly fight with Magneton..but they worked it out. Bigtummie couldn't stop laughing the whole night so Ipod Cozy, Coffee Plunger cozy, Tea cozy, Sewing Machine cozy and i-bunni cozy took turns covering her up. Whimsy Crooked house drank so much she straighted up! Old man kept hitting on Toybox. Pear and Tea Cup got wasted and it was ugly! Ornaments rocked the house when they performed 'Bringing Sexy Back' and Valentime Lammy kept hugging everybody....but the biggest scandal by far was Bunny Bunka's lack of underwear!!! It was the best of times and Visaya will walk away with many great memories and an Oyster shooter hangover!! Once again congratulations to all the winners !!! It was fun and hey...there's always next year right!@#$&*?!! Just kidding :) It was an honor just to be nominated!!! Seriously...it was....really... Hey Manny....you're 'off da hook'!!!

What to do...what to do....

CATEGORY: | Sunday, April 1, 2007

Happy Weekending!!!! So the April issue of 'Seattle Metropolitan' Mag is on the stands.....I am sossososo thrilled with it!! I also did an interview for 'Plush You' Kristen's blog for Schmancy! She is sosososo nice to me!!! I just LOVE what she wrote about me...it really made my week!
It's actually still up and you should check it out if you have not already!!! :) This weekend has been busy so far. Our friends Kim and Robby came for a visit. They live in Portland now and it was sooo wonderful to see them. Robby had me laughing past midnight...he introduced me to the 'Pegacorn'. I didn't believe him at first but he told me to check it out on the 'Interweb' and there it was...I guess I must have been absent at school the day they taught us about this mystical creature!! Kim is a school counselr and is on spring break, so she was here already and spent the afternoon with Memphis and I. We went on errands, walked the dog, had lunch and went to the park. Memphis was sooooo excited and Kim was amazing. She ran all over the park with Memphis. I think we wore her out because for the first time that I can remember Kim dozed off before Robby!!! The next day we all woke up and Memphis was thrilled they were still here....she dressed them up and was very sad when they had to go. After they left I discovered I felt like crap. Sore throat, head throbbing, dizzy. So I took some cold medicine and made fast friends with our couch...allllll day. Today I feel better...so far...and that's super because I have LOADS to do. With Easter fast approaching I must make a last ditch effort to make even MORE bunnies!!!! Anywho...I have been running myself ragged so I should try and slow down...but I will leave you with some new Flickr favs and I must say I LOVED Meg's school photo posting!!:)
I think I will post some class photos myself soon....sooo funny!!

This is an amazing portrait by M. Patrizio
Shoulda woulda coulda...didn't buy it :(
GORGEOUS LIGHT!!!Great shot Shara!
Love this Self portrait of Rosa!
Sooooo pretty....just brilliant!!
Just LOVE this photo...soooo Spring!!
I really, really want one of these....
Such a funny shot...love it.