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Live Your Own Life....thanks Lisa xoxo

CATEGORY: | Thursday, November 29, 2007

Me and baby Boy at 19 weeks....

WIP Octo for Urban Craft Uprising

For Urban Craft Uprising

Lisa you are the most generous!!!! Thank you so very, very much for my package. I need to get Memphis in a photo with that gorgeous apron and thanks for all the beautiful Ribbons and felt. You are an angel. I truly appreciate your kindness!!! I LOVE LOVE that print and can't wait to frame it. Thanks so very much!!!xoxo

Been sewing up a storm and a little over 2 weeks later I have 60 pieces done and ready for the show. I did run out of my sewn in fabric tags...oh well. I revised my Octo and made a new Elephant. I need to take better photos but am posting a few quick snaps of a few items.

Saw this video on Ellen.... I was laughing so loud and they are going to be on Ellen this Monday!!! Today I saw that Meg beat me to posting about it. I am sharing anyway. I love it that much.

My pregnancy is coming along and now that my endless cold is gone I feel so much better.

Anywho I will leave you with a few flickr favs.....

So cute
I wanna look this cool
What a great button
I think this is the best bunny

Holding my breath...

CATEGORY: | Monday, November 26, 2007

Yep...that's our girl...pretending that she is swimming in the ocean trying to catch the blue fish. She was running around...excuse me...I mean swimming around and she was totally cracking me up. She actually took her butterfly post it notes and made a coral reef in her Playmobil dollhouse. She always makes me smile.
This weekend was bUUUUUUZZZZYYYY!!!
Thanksgiving was great. Went to my Ma's house and my brother, sister-in-law, niece, nephew, cousin, cousin's husband and their daughter were there...of course so was my Ma, Jason, Memphis and myself. I waited until the end of the evening to show them my ultrasound photo.
Some were happy but not really the reaction I had hoped for especially from my brother. He just said...Wow and went and laid on the couch. Oh well...my friends are super duper happy for us and so is Jason' s family and my Ma. That's enough. I guess the only one that really bummed me was my brother. I could go on and on about my family and how I get bummed by them but what's the point. Seeking their approval is really futile. Just how it is. It was super nice to see everyone and I am lucky to have a family.
Jason finished our booth for Urban Craft Uprising and I sewed like a maniac. We also had to go and buy me a few pairs of Maternity jeans. They are nice and now I can sit down in comfort...they are a bit on the big side but that's what happens to me. The only part of me that really gets much bigger is my belly. I still cannot believe it 's all happening!!
Anywho...just wanted to say hello and later this week I will have MUCH MUCH more to share. I am really working super duper, duper hard. I also have some mail to share from one of my real life heroes.

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Monday and again thanks so very, very much for all of your kind words. I appreciate them all and they make me smile really, really big. xoxo

Our BIG news.......

CATEGORY: | Monday, November 19, 2007
Yup...we're having another baby...and this time it's a boy!!! OMG what are we going to do with a boy????? I was so sure it was another girl that it really was a shocker. Had all the tests and everything is great...he is healthy and progressing well and it has been confirmed that he is definitely a BOY!! I actually asked the ultrasound woman if there was a chance it was wrong!! Can you even believe I asked??? We of course have a name list going and we have narrowed it down to 5 so now we just have to think it over for awhile. So anywho...that is why I have been so out of the loop lately...so completely exhausted and sick to my stomach. I actually have gotten sick this time...a bunch...which is how I knew deep down it had to be a boy this time because I didn't get sick with Memphis so I thought something had to be different. I seriously don't know what we are thinking doing this but we are very happy so it must be right. Memphis is beside herself with excitement and can not wait to meet him. She is just such a doll...we got so very lucky with her I just hope our luck hasn't run out.....anywho...it is late...I am tired and I just couldn't wait to share....getting all the test results back was a huge, huge relief. I didn't have an amnio with Memphis and we only had one Ultrasound last time so all of these tests really freaked me out and actually made it really hard to get excited. I really don't like being pregnant but the end result is well worth it all.

oops....I almost forgot...we are due April 23rd...a little Taurus will soon be joining our family.
Jason's best friend Jim passed away 5 years ago and his Birthday was April 25th so I think it is amazing that our son will also share Jim's birth sign and be born very close to his birthday... I know it really makes Jason happy. He misses Jim so very much.
Must get to bed now....xoxo

Mondays are so hard for me....

1. fan-worm, 2. butterfly wing, 3. ferns, 4. gossamer gorgeous of the deep, 5. home, 6. once upon a time..., 7. New walls, 8. insect, 9. cracks and crackle, 10. When you're sleeping, 11. Untitled, 12. houseonhill, 13. spring snow beauty darkforce, 14. -, 15. Untitled, 16. Untitled, 17. Kit, 18. Untitled, 19. Autumn leaves, 20. Stockholm, 21. Beetle 1, 22. LvFärger, 23. Sun Rays by akamarti, 24. for nicholas haggard, 25. helmut rabbit, 26. Jill Penney - Trog: Q, 27. the quite tolerable snowman, 28. home inspiration, 29. Nina, 30. Solitude

It feels like winter here...

Room with a view

Kitchen Gallery

Timothy for Urban Craft Uprising

Faye for Urban Craft Uprising

Sherman for Urban Craft Uprising

Mekko for Urban Craft Uprising

Parker for Urban Craft Uprising

This weekend we went to the mall...looking for boots for me...none found.
My feet are size 5 1/2 and that's a bitch man. We also ate at World Wraps...the only fast food place we resort to when out and about. It was fun. She is such a great kid!!!

Rested a lot!

Went and saw Bee Movie...Memphis loved it and it was nice for all of us to go. It was her second movie at the theater ever and boy was she excited. I liked it ok but it was a whole lot more fun to watch her...we even got her popcorn!!!

Sewed a lot.

Just wanted to say a quick hello...Happy Monday all!!!

Order for Shoporangbutton.com is FINALLY done and on it's way...

CATEGORY: | Friday, November 16, 2007

Well...here it is my order for shoporangebutton.com!!! Finally done with it and it's on it's way!!!
I have really been trying to make up for lost time. Being sick with that horrible cold really put me in a tailspin. Anywho...I really love shoporangbutton.com, Wendy is super nice and she has excellent taste. So if you have never been there...go check it out. These guys should all be in her shop within 2 weeks or so.

In other news...I am having a great time sewing for Urban Craft Uprising and now have a better feeling about being ready in time. I just hope I can keep it up. Today I have a slew of errands to run, a dog to walk (probably in the rain :() a child to drop off and pick up by 1:10...it's parent teacher conference week and they are out early every day...next week too because of conferences and Thanksgiving. I love Thanksgiving!!!

Anywho too much to do and the clock is ticking...as Memphis would say TICK TOCK TICK TOCK!!

Wanted to share a few more flickr favs....
I love this bunny...
These are all amazing
I have this issue and I love this home
This makes me smile really big
So cool


Supermaggie Order is DONE and on it's way...here's a preview!!!

CATEGORY: | Thursday, November 15, 2007

Flock & Twig the Jack Rabbit Love=Creatures for Supermaggie

Twig & Flock the Jack Rabbit Love=Creatures for Supermaggie

Flock the Jack Rabbit Love=Creature for Supermaggie

Deede & Otto the Jack Rabbit Love=Creatures

Dande the Jack Rabbit Love=Creature for Supermaggie

Gotilda the Jack Rabbit Love=Creature for Supermaggie

Otto the Jack Rabbit Love=Creature

Sigi & Gurko the Jack Rabbit Love=Creatures
Lokesh & Sigi the Jack Rabbit Love=Creatures
Gurko the Jack Rabbit Love=Creature

All of these beauties are for Supermaggie!!!! Finally I am done and they are on their way. I am sooooo happy with how they all turned out and really loved working with their silk screened fabric. All of these are exclusive to them and can only be bought at www.Supermaggie.com

In other news my cold is getting better and my energy is coming back...just in time for me to get my butt in gear for Urban Craft Uprising. :)

Also I just wanted to say...if I am behind on emailing you or flaking out on you in anyway at all...I am so sorry I just have really been sick and have not been able to cope with all I have taken on. Things are on their way up....finally.

Ok....some flickr favs to share....
I so love this.
What could be better???
Love the new pillows....xo
Meg is back in action and just look how gorgeous!!!
This is gorgeous
oh the cuteness.......
I love this photo...I used to take photos of buildings all the time.
This cat is not happy...but cute
Want some of these...
This makes me smile...
I love this
I heart this photo
Love the composition

Flickr Flickr how I love thee.....let me count the ways....

CATEGORY: | Monday, November 12, 2007
1. onegirlgathers.etsy.com, 2. alphabeat., 3. Untitled, 4. vaccum, 5. Untitled, 6. kitten, 7. bird-brained design, 8. The IMPORTANT-things Pouch, 9. only a few left, 10. little things, 11. color, 12. Untitled, 13. underearth, 14. Untitled, 15. Untitled, 16. i had to have one too, 17. cuddle time!, 18. Audrey Kawasaki: Front, 19. Untitled, 20. have a delightful winter, 21. fairytale cushion cover, 22. bedroom detail, 23. cabazon: surreal, 24. lilly/astrid, 25. not so new / not that old, 26. February No.9, 27. fruitcake softie, 28. hats, 29. Friday night on abbot kinney, 30. Untitled, 31. a better shot of the new tattoo, 32. moo cards, 33. sleeping over, 34. frosty, 35. Chichester Station, 36. Player

What a difference a day makes....I have had a cold on and off for a month now. I am still taking meds for my sinus infection and I am super duper fed up with having very little or no energy.
So today I am going to get so much done it will defy the constraints of time. I will become SUPER DAWN changing the world one project at a time while mothering my adorable, gorgeous Daughter who is off school for the day. The life has finally come back into me that I have been longing for!!! I guess all I needed was rest...which I admit I am not very good at doing. Anywho....Life is good again...let's hope it lasts. Funny how it is pouring down with rain today...guess it's washing away my sickness.
Now I would like to share the work of some amazing folks....I admire so many and draw inspiration from many more but here are a few I would like to share with you today.

First up is an amazing Jackalope by Girlsavage of Etsy.... I just love Jackalopes and still plan on making one but this one is so amazing. I also love the Feltidermy.

Next up is Danna Ray's work from her shop Groundwork at Etsy. I just love her work so very much and plan on purchasing something very, very soon.

Next up is Tiffa's work. She is a super nice person and I love her plush. Her shop is called
Odkins and can also be found on Etsy.
Next is the work of Industrious Lily!!! I am so deeply in LOVE with her little ceramic houses. How cool are they??? Love Love Love....I must have one soooooon. xoxo

Next is the amazing Betsy Walton's work....oh how I long to own a piece of her work. It's amazing and I just love the subtle colors and plant life. Check out her shop asap!!!
I just found the work of Nicole and I bought our girl a doll that she is going to flip for. I love X-mas shopping on Etsy. Nicole's shop is called Astulabee...I also adore her bunnies. Plus she is super nice and very talented. xoxo

Anywho people...just wanted to share the love!! Happy Monday and hopefully you will have as great of a day as we will. xoxoxo