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Things that came in the mail......

CATEGORY: | Monday, February 26, 2007
Paul with Lily at Target.....
Daily Drawings from ObsessiveConsumption.com
Loving my Jackalope from A Pinkish Color..Meg Rocks
We absolutely love Paul and Erica is sooooo nice...go to Raplapla now and check out her stuff. I absolutely love Paul. He speaks French and has a very big heart.
I have ALWAYS wanted one of these little books from Obsessive Consumption and now I have one!!!!!! They are only $4.00 and I adore mine!!! Kate Bingaman is soooo funny and I love documenting things and the idea of documenting everything you buy is sooooooo amazing...I really want to do it to. She also takes amazing photos of consumer realted things and is an all around cool person. I have never met her but that's what I think.
My Jackalope came from the Etsy shop A Pinkish Color, which I think is a really great name. Meg is super nice and gave me loads of tips about Portland. I have always had a thing for Jackalopes. When we drove out to Washington from Illinois (where I was born) when my folks got divorced I saw my first one. I immediately asked if I could have a postcard with a picture of one and that's how my obsession began. I was actually planning on making a Jackalope Love=Creature but had not had the time to do it yet... can't wait to make one.
I have much more to share but that's it for now. I love mail when it looks like what's above. Hope everyone is having a wonderful day. I am still feeling icky but better. I think I had an episode. I have Sarcoidosis...it's a mystery disease and it is in my lungs. I have had it since 1997. Super fun times. I had to go thru many tests and a minor surgery to get diagnosed offically. Anywho I may be having a flare up or I may have a sinus infection that is causing my Sarcoidosis to flare up?? AAHHH. So sick of feeling icky. So off I go to rest and sew. Hope the week is a good one. xoxo

SUPERMAGGIE order has arrived and is up on the site!

CATEGORY: | Sunday, February 25, 2007
Bitte, Peony, Peril & Yerby
Aoki (sold)
Peony (sold)

What can I say about Supermaggie....
They, Maggie & Michael, are just wonderful, amazing people. Maggie's designs are just gorgeous and the quality of their product is impecable! I ordered a few T's from them and one day I asked them if they printed tags or would consider it? Michael emailed me back and asked what it was I made. So I gave them the link to my Etsy shop and they ended up buying a bear and a Squirrel. They loved them so much they asked me to collaborate with them and I was just thrilled. They completely inspire me and have given me loads of tips and help. I just adore Supermaggie and everything about Maggie & Michael. Michael plays music and Maggie also paints. Before I knew much about them I ran across Maggie's paintings somewhere...I saw Black Pom Poms and Golden Frog Pond. It was weird to discover later that she was the one that painted them. So I guess what I am trying to say is I really appreciate and admire them both and when you support Supermaggie you are supporting an extremely amazing business that has help put me on the map. Thanks Maggie and Michael you are truly wonderful and amazing people. xo

Shop Update....

CATEGORY: | Saturday, February 24, 2007

Just updating my shop. Most of these are already there... a few will be soon. I have the Flu...yeah!!! I feel awful and should be laying down. Soooo I just wanted to say happy Weekending!!! I have more to share but right now I must go lay down...xo

Orange Button Shop order is now up.....

CATEGORY: | Sunday, February 18, 2007
Sweet Pea SOLD
Pete the Rhino
Tutti the Elephant
Posey the Elephant SOLD
Rutger the Rhino SOLD
Wow!!!! Look at me go...2 posts in one day!! I just was lost in blog land and I checked to see if the order I sent to Orange Button was posted yet and it is!!!!! So...if you like anything go check it out. I am super excited!!! I will have another post tomorrow and am sewing like mad to fill my shop. This week I also plan to go to Schmancy to put some Love=Creatures in there. I have wanted to for awhile now so I am also excited about that. I had some of my Love=Creatures in there before and I love that store and Kristen is amazing! So far this looks like it's going to be a super week. xoxo

Before.....and after.....


Puccie the Bunny SOLD

So...I found this dress for $3.99 and it was mint. I washed it several times to soften it up and now it's a bunny and will be sooooo much more. What do you think? I thought it would be interesting to show and I think the fabric is to die for. At first I thought the dress was
handmade but it actually had a label. It was made in Oregon. It came with a matching cotton belt too which I of course plan on wearing. I tried it on but it was snug on the top so it was a no go and my build just could not carry off this print. Anywho the bunny will be in my shop sometime later today along with more bunnies and a few small owls. I am trying to update my shop before I have to do anymore orders. Today I have bookclub....should be fun but I did not read the book. Oh well....happy Sunday afternoon.

Phew.....about to go send this order....

CATEGORY: | Saturday, February 17, 2007
Visaya the Walrus Love=Creature
Jim the Rhino Love=Creature
FLaren the Rhino Love=Creature
Upton the Walrus Love=Creature
Bower the Walrus Love=Creature

So finally I just finished the bios and tags and my Supermaggie order is going out today. There are 6 walrues, 6 Rhinos and 6 Jack rabbits in total. It was supposed to go out early this week but sometimes things just don't go according to plan. Speaking of Supermaggie....they have a bunch of NEW T-shirts and I heart a bunch of them.
In other news...I am going to spend most of the day sewing. I have a bunch of ideas and shops to fill...especially mine!! Which is sadly very empty right now. Being a full time Ma and trying to fill a shop sometimes just doesn't go together. I wish I had a nanny sometimes or just a better network of friends with kids. It is sunny today which is amazing and the fam is going to do yardwork. Anywho I have to run but happy weekending!!!!

I want my hair back now.....

CATEGORY: | Friday, February 16, 2007
Yep...that's me. How smoking are those glasses. First of all I want to say thanks to Meg
for her post today that Hot Pocket video is the best!!! I have watched it 3 times now and I can't stop. I laugh soooo hard. I have been walking around all day saying 'Hot Pocket' in a really high voice. I really needed that. I have been having a very busy couple of weeks and always running behind....aaaahhhh. I am behind on emails, sewing, organizing you name it. So now I will take some time to show you some stuff that inspired me this week.
First there is Pearl the Chihuahua...
then our friend Graeme
this gorgeous Cabinet
Meg's snow storm shot
I soooooo want this play room...
Pickles and Dede
This shot by Lisa
This plushie Kitty
This painting by Stephanie
This photo
and last but not least....this painting by Rachel Austin

Happy Heart Day everyone.....

CATEGORY: | Wednesday, February 14, 2007
Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Heart Day!!! We get all excited for Heart Day at our house. I am feeling the love and wishing everyone a wonderful day. xoxo

Out of focus

CATEGORY: | Sunday, February 11, 2007

Things have been a bit out of focus lately...but I'm working on it.
I stress waaaaay too much and it has to stop. These 3 chairs were on the side of the road for free and Jason picked them up and turned them into these gorgeous beauties. I only wish I had a before photo...your jaw would drop.
I don't feel good today. My peptic Ulcer is back.
Good times. This weekend was full and fun. We had lots of fam time and my girl is the bomb. I love my little fam. Sewing like mad to finish up some stuff. Just taking a mini break. xo

A peek at some stuff I've been up to...

CATEGORY: | Thursday, February 8, 2007

This is part of a whsl order I have been working on. I am done and moving onto the next one...well actually finishing it. I will post details about both later. Feeling a bit better about things and trying to move on. I have some wonderful mail to share with you all later but right now I have to run. Happy Thursday. xo

Be Happy for this Moment, this moment is your life...

CATEGORY: | Sunday, February 4, 2007

Ever feel like your life is passing you by or you are waiting for it to start? I often feel one or the other and have the hardest time living in the moment. In the spirit of our beloved Churchie cat I am trying to live in the moment more. So in the spirit of living in the moment I am making this late night posting. I sell my plush on Etsy and would like to share some of my favorite shops....
Sudlow...jewelry by Rachel Sudlow
ArtandGhosts...super cool art!!!
Raplapla...cool plush!!!
whileshenaps...awesome plush and art
karkovski...gorgeous art
poniesandsugarcookies...great kid stuff and art
nottoopink...cool art!!
mpatrizio's shop...super cool art and plush
craftpaca...super cool person and shop
ashleyg's shop...of course....
That's it for now I have many more favorite Etsy shops to share but for now...sleep tight....

Lost in Blog Land again....

CATEGORY: | Friday, February 2, 2007

I was lost in Blog land again when I came across hopingforhappyaccidents and found a link to this site showhome.
All the above photos came from showhome. I only wish I could afford one of them. Just sharing things that inspire me and cause me to smile. Of course out in Flickr land I also found a few more...
like this one Man I wish they were on my windowsill Lisa has amazing taste
and this one I adore the work of Melinda Josie
and this one I love playground photos
and this snowy photo
these birds are sooo cool
trees are my friends
reminds me of my Churchie
a little retail therapy never hurt anyone..bought this
adore Cindy Jaswal's work this is gorg
Feeling a bit like this right now
Hope this weekend brings some joys, gives some feeling of satisfaction and time is suspended making it last as long as possible. xo

OMG!!!!!! My Love=Creatures are in a Supermaggie ad!!!!

CATEGORY: , , , , | Thursday, February 1, 2007
OMG!!!!!! I just got my new Ready Made mag in the mail and I casually looked thru every page and then I came to the ads and I saw the above ad and almost fainted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maggie and Michael of Supermaggie.... you are the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This definately made my day and my week!! I really needed some happy news!!!!